Hitting On The Right Government Agency Branding Basics

Right Government Agency Branding

It’s time to hit on the right agency branding basics. At IFTP, we have identified the branding basics for government agencies. This branding idea will make your agency stand out. It will also bring worth to your interactive society.

The concept of branding used to apply in the commercial setting only. For example, it was created clearly for distinction. Everyone thought that branding was for those enterprises that produce income. Likewise, branding labels a specific trade from other sellers of goods or services in its group.

Even the Department of Trade and Industry pushes branding strategy for MSMEs or the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise. Check the details here.  Likewise, it also called on the MSMEs to consider branding and packaging as essential components of their products to increase global competitiveness. Please read the full article here.

Today, branding has been extended to government agencies as well. Similarly, there has been a rise in the mobile era and the millennial period. Subsequently, it is through the government agency’s branding that its constituents can utilize effective delivery techniques.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology, likewise, has focused on the Government Website Hosting Services (GWHS). Check out the details here: http://i.gov.ph/gwhs/.

At IFTP, we have identified the Government Agency Branding Basics:

Branding Basic #1: Website Development

Firstly, we have Website Development. A website is a vital part of any branding mission. It is time to build trust online and improve customer service and make the site accessible at all times.
We will assist in data gathering, planning, development, testing, implementation, and also in maintenance.

Branding Basic #2: Social Media Management

Secondly, we have Social Media Management (SMM). An active social channel where citizens can engage is also a must. The Philippines remain the world leader in social media usage. The Philippines remain the world leader in social media usage. View the full report here.  Therefore, SMM will continue to grow customer links in an open way. SMM can be done, for example, from building awareness and educating with valuable content to community engagement.

Branding Basic #3: Mobile Application

Thirdly is Mobile Application. A mobile app will allow your citizens to access offline information stored in the application. The mobile app will save the content for offline browsing. As a result, there is no need to hold on loading data over a slow internet connection.

Branding Basic #4: Continuous I.T. Consultation

Lastly, to stand out and shine means to continuously improve the branding basics. Therefore, improved customer synergy requires constant discussion. ICT remains a notable driver for economic growth. Let us learn from the past, progress in the present and advance the trend by integrating ICT – enabled services for a more active and open government.

As a result, we can make client delight our joint intention. Get in touch with us today. Book a free branding consultation for your government agency.

Do you have other ideas which should be added in this blog? Please leave your comments below. Thank you. 

Hitting On The Right Government Agency Branding Basics

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